Welcome to my website. Although being chiefly known for writing jazz-pop brass quintets and sax quartets, I’ve had many inquiries concerning the availability of other types of music.

Even though I am a trumpet player, teacher and composer-arranger who started out as a jazz writer, Bill Holcombe encouraged me to write small ensemble music for his company, Musicians Publications.

By applying my jazz oriented ideas into quintets and quartets for classical brass and sax players, it really caught on, and a lot of my small group music is now played all over the world.

I never left the legitimate music world, and some of my other music, especially for concert band and brass band is worth a listen. Only a limited amount of this music and of my original love, big band charts, have been published, so I hope to make more of them known here. To inquire about the availability of any arrangements or compositions listed on this site, please contact me.

You’ll find on this website my background and training, recent publications, my new jazz improvising book, lists of published and available unpublished works, recordings of several works, contacts, and links to other pertinent websites.